Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts. Best Cheapest alternative to Calendly.

Managing scheduling is never easy. That’s why we designed TidyCal to take the pain out of it for you and your team. Integrate all your calendars in minutes, create bookings with an instant booking page no backend needed, invite people to meetings without interrupting their workdays – that’s what we like to call a productivity game changer. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emailing or going through expensive admin features just so you can schedule with clients, prospects or coworkers.

TidyCal is here for when you want something new – forward-thinking stats that keep you informed about who’s on top of their meeting agendas and notifications that will make sure everyone gets enough time before joining a meeting so they know what needs  to be done.

TidyCal seamlessly integrates all of your calendars into a single, easy-to-use interface.

With up to 10 calendar connections per account and automatically detected recipient time zones, the solution creates an intuitive dashboard that ensures you never worry about scheduling conflicts again.

You’ll never have to miss another one of your child’s soccer games again. (Thanks to this tip that successfully allows you to book a business meeting and not feel guilty.)

Plus, TidyCal is compatible with Zapier to sync any apps as needed and can automate your workflow.

In order to simplify your schedule, immediately integrate your Google calendars with TidyCal and watch as new booking pages are easily set up.

After successfully integrating your calendars, you can create different types of bookings for free (marketing) and paid prospects/clients.

While your competitors struggle through back-and-forth email exchanges to set.

Specify time blocks of availability by day to add gap times throughout the day, so you can take breaks without back-to-back meetings.

TidyCal lets you schedule your time blocks to be specific and in line with industry standards, so clients can identify that they’re working with professionals.

That is why TidyCal suggests basic customization options that match the general look and feel of your brand or business on the booking page.

Ready to reach more customers outside of your country? Then you will enjoy automatic translations that tailor your booking page and purchase emails to the local language of each customer.

You can also embed a booking page on your site for an easy-peasy experience.

Embed a booking page widget right on your website, so anyone can easily get in touch.

Scheduling should make your life easier, not more time consuming. Fortunately, TidyCal can help you save time by helping to gather information about your client or prospect who has booked a meeting with you in advance of setting it up.

When someone books a meeting, TidyCal sends you and the person who booked an email confirmation.

This feature is especially beneficial because you are both protected from cancellation fees or rescheduling issues that may arise. TidyCal helps you keep communication with clients and prospects seamless, with easy options to cancel or reschedule.

In the past, you had to send emails back and forth with someone across different time zones or coordinate on calendars while burning cassette tapes to show how much Boyz II Men care about your crush.

Make your new year’s resolution to take control of your calendar.

TidyCal makes it easier than ever to manage your bookings with prospects, clients, and more.

Get lifetime access to TidyCal today!

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